Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sideways Portal - Cloud 9 was Fine

On the heals of our terrific show at Squirrel's in February (actually that was "Sideways Sharks") Sideways Portal performed what I believe was a truly great couple sets (and then some) at Cloud 9. I think we finally tapped into the vibe of this particular room...our first set was melodious and rhythmic - and thanks to all who came and responded with your generosity! Our second set was possibly more adventuresome - I can't recall all the details; but we closed with some of the sonic particles we started with and made something new again.

Ben Mutschler
(tenor sax)
was amazing...Page Hundemer and Dave Storrs played with much joy...John Bliss was out of town but was with us in spirit; I dished some, soaked it all in and couldn't stop smiling!

I think that when you hear Sideways Portal (and I really do mean "hear") you will experience something truly creative and inventive. There's actually quite a language behind the what's all going on in the music. We're not always trying to paint the picture you would expect, but rather the one that needs painting at that moment. Hope you can see and hear us next time. (First Friday of the month at Cloud 9)

Rob Birdwell

Svens and

The Svens played another great show at Bombs Away Cafe tonight. "The Scavenger" was the name of Viking's tale and it was terrific. The tunes went just fine and the sound effects were also very good. And there was a milestone too: the band played to its first ever group of dancers! The Svens recently added a new web site to their marketing machine: - look for some neat stuff on the site coming soon.

Viking - guitar, storyteller
Sven - guitar
Sven - bass
Sven - drums
Sven - sax